Bílovec: Opening museum suitcases

In October, the museum Bílovec start running project briefcases Museum, which is part of the educational program of the National Museum of revealing titled Touch of the 20th century. It is an event aimed at promoting the teaching Czechoslovak and Czech history of the last century in elementary and secondary schools.
"Within the museum suitcases cooperate with both the National Museum and the bíloveckými basic and high schools," says museum director Eva Ševčíková. "Within this educational project with our students head to the revolutionary years of our history and will work with replicas of collection items inserted five suitcases approaching the dramatic summer of 1918, 1938, 1948, 1968, 1989. Through exhibits, authentic documents of the past and the stories we want pupils and students bring significant moments in our history. To the atmosphere of these watershed moments quite normal as possible and able to imagine Life in a given period of time, we will work with the interactive program, period costumes, or even play Fortunes and careers, "says Eva Ševčíková that personal relationship to the past to help young people develop educational and methodological materials that represent specific human stories. The museum project cases will continue until June next year, each of the five suitcases will be devoted to two months.

But certainly will not be the only activity bíloveckého museum. 16 October, visitors can see an exhibition of graphic works of the Czech academic Graphics Burant Francis (1924-2001), who in addition to graphics famous primarily for its glass production and marginally illustrations. "And we are also planning a concert trio Chorodia Agiu Georgia, October 27, at which land museum will Byzantine hymns and traditional Greek songs. Furthermore, you will hear also the Orthodox hymns and unique polyphonic singing severořecké area Ipiros, "invites Eva Ševčíková to the museum, in the cellar, children and adults can meet the elves Picmochy involved in the project Fairy Odra." In this project, children can visit ten places where there are similar elves. In every place they can fill out a worksheet that is processed in two versions, for preschool children and pupils of primary school. In completing the worksheet children receive a sticker in the passport, the so-called Vandrbuchu. A five Stickers will be rewarded with interesting prizes, "says director of the museum. 

Petrovice u Karviné: 7th meeting of the municipal assembly

On Monday 21 September in Petrovice near Karvina held in another, seventh, session of the municipal council. Under the program, waiting for councilors to discuss the 13 points. The most time was spent discussing the upcoming Czech-Polish infrastructure projects, which would be involved in the community in the coming years

TJ Ostrava: International Volleyball Tournament in Ostrava Cup 2015

Prepare for the new year major league's volleyball became an international tournament in Ostrava Cup 2015. The lobby Physical Training in Ostrava Saturday, September 19 from 10 am introduced besides the domestic unit also teams from Prerov, and Prostejov Lodz, Poland.

TJ Ostrava: Juventus CUP

Ways to attract young people to the sport is a lot. One of them are even tournaments in beach sports, which in the area of Varna on the street for 4 year organizes TJ Ostrava called Juventus Cup. Ostrava Beach Centre is among one of the most beautiful resorts of its kind in the Czech Republic. This year's edition was certainly not the last.

Horní Suchá: Fedrování of Folklore 2015

Mining traditions and customs, dancers in folk costumes, folk music and especially good fun, dominated the Saturday, September 19 Hornosušská Workers' House. This cultural and social event was created as a joint project of the Polish Cultural and Educational Association and the Municipal Office in the upper dry.

Petrovice near Karvina: Raising the wreckage of a Soviet fighter plane

In cooperation with the voluntary firemen of defects and the Club of Friends Suchdol n. Odrou is already before work began on a still unexplained case of an accident Soviet aircraft in the local district Fault near the railway line Bohumín - Petrovice u Karvina.

Petrovice near Karvina: 0. ročník noční hasičské soutěže

Saturday evening, Sept. 12 belonged in Petrovice near Karvina - Introduces fire sport. Competition between the volunteer fire brigade started at nine o'clock in the evening.

Kozlovice: Municipal festivities in 2015

Kozlovice in Frydek Mistek organized every year as its general celebration. Those of this year fell on Saturday, September 12th. There firehouse was prepared from the afternoon program hosted by a pair Slávek Vašenda and Thomas Machálek. Kozlovice supports many clubs and associations, which are then involved in the formation program of the various events.

Bílovec: Sell Beseda, or use it for the needs of citizens

Bílovce city council at its meeting to be held on September 22 will again address the future of the historic but unfortunately has long been dilapidated buildings Czech Beseda in Ostrava street. The question is: Beseda sell to a private party who has expressed interest in her, or historically valuable building, which is closely linked with the development of the Czech minority in Bílovec in the early 20th century, to keep the City and use it as a base for sports clubs TJ Spartak Bílovec and associations and organizations which are active bílovečtí citizens? 
"Last year, when TJ Spartak Bílovec initiated the idea of ​​creating a Discussions center of sports and social life of the city, received the proposal support of a number of political parties and movements, which stood as candidates in municipal elections, and to include it in its program as the family silver Bílovce, which should be preserved. Subsequently, this intention has been approved by the majority of the council in the city's development plan, "says Paul Mrva, Mayor Bílovce, that the reasons to support the idea of ​​unification of all bíloveckých of sports sections and hobby clubs under one roof, it is more than that." TJ Spartak Bílovec in the vicinity Discussions manages gymnasium and tennis courts, so that both areas interconnect, as it did in the past. The argument you're on the history and original function Czech Beseda perhaps someone may seem insignificant, but I believe that the promotion of traditions values ​​built by previous generations contributing to a sense of coherence and continuity of citizens with their city. In addition, the activities that Spartak currently operates in three different buildings in the city, centralize, which would lead to savings and streamline operations. In addition, the situation in Ostrava the street where Beseda resides in its own way nationwide unique - the city is at the moment owns key land and buildings in a street line, where on the one hand the building of Czech Beseda, gymnasium and the city's cultural center, sports complex, cemetery and grounds used volunteer firefighters and across the street from the elementary school of TG Masaryk and the school building. I think it would be a sin to disrupt this unique complex. It had threatened in 2006, when the first intention of buying Discussions related to the planned construction of a supermarket on the site. One of the reasons why the council had said did not support the project, the citizens' petitions expressing their opposition to such a step. Yes, it is always to be expected that the sale of the building is a loss of control over his future. And nobody will be able to a new owner after signing the contract prevented from making his original plan changed and decided to demolish the building needs to be ... "

That's why the city administration emphasizes that the entire process on the object Meetings were transparent and all steps thoroughly examined. The aim is to, inter alia, to avoid a situation that occurred in 2008. At that time, the council approved the sale of the building, but the candidate of his intention to resign just before signing the contract. On the basis of an offer to purchase, however, to ensure the evacuation of that building that previously functioned club and dining room elementary school. Given the failure to find a suitable buyer is not convenient use of the building, the building was unused in the coming years.

            In mid-September will be finished designing the study to define the cost of the reconstruction and operation of the facility in case of Czech Beseda implementation of the project as defined by TJ Spartak Bílovec. "This result will reflect the Commission, the public, and later also councilors who will compare both options - selling, or maintaining Meetings in favor of the city," says the mayor that if he wins a variant of maintaining the building owned Bílovce, under a development plan City steps related to the centralization of leisure activities in the building Meetings could be realized in 2016, from the city budget.

Rychvald: city council meeting

Rychvald - 5th meeting of the City Assembly Rychvald www.TelevizeKarvinsko.cz

Petrovice u Karvine: 21. municipal festivities

Municipal festivities in Petrovice near Karvina this year fell on Saturday, August 29th. As in previous years, and this one was held in the premises of the motocross race track.

Petrovice u Karvine: Welcoming the first-graders

This year's holidays are already over and school begins again. Most they enjoyed but those who went to school with a briefcase for the first time. September 1 was to petrovických primary schools welcomed 43 first-graders who are not afraid of the new environment.

Bílovec: reconstruction of the hospital

In Bílovec being reconstructed hospital

September 9, 2015 Bílovec Bílovec Hospital is currently undergoing extensive renovations. Outside the new outer coat and insulation obtained during two years of repairs planned for the end of 2016 modernized department Aftercare comfortable rooms with new and better equipment.
"Hospitals have Bílovec since 1897, has therefore its more than a century of history, and the city is inherently," says the Mayor of Pavel Mrva, adding: "At present there except ward surgery and internal medicine as well department Aftercare with eighty beds which provides specialized services and long-term ill patients requiring follow-up treatment after serious operations. " For patients with kidney problems is in the hospital by a private company also secured a dialysis program that works for the whole catchment area.
A total renovation Bílovecká hospital is divided into several stages, which are interconnected. Last year, the hospital began to insulation. The event is funded through a grant Operational Programme Environment. The total value of the investment amounts to approximately 18.5 million crowns and hospitals involved participation of EUR 10 million. As yet there is no insulation of buildings hospitals, because this action is closely linked to another upcoming project, which is the modernization of premises for improving the quality of care for the chronically ill. Implementation of this project is supported from the Swiss-Czech cooperation and the estimated value is 53 million, of which 35 million is earmarked for construction work, the rest of the purchase of equipment, furniture and education of physicians and medical staff. This event gives the department Aftercare new comfortable double rooms with private bathroom and modern specialized care. "We currently have contracted 80 care beds, in the future we, this number would like to extend, because thanks to reconstruction obtained free spaces," says hospital director Kamil Mašík that in the coming months, there will be landscaping in the hospital and in the coming years to reconstruct the already inadequate boiler room. In addition, the hospital complex incorporated into the newly equipped physiotherapy department, which at the moment it does not meet modern conditions.
"The hospital operation takes place continuously during the construction work and requires an understanding and tolerance both medical staff and patients perceive our facilities due to the smaller size of the hospital as a family. Throughout the repair work without restrictions also ambulance, "says Kamil Mašík.
 In Bílovec the public health care personnel in a hospital, but there is also enough to ensure patient care. This is mainly centralized in the clinic, where they are concentrated specialized outpatient specialists. She has a permanent place in Bílovec and dental care at the facility in Smetana Street. Office here has five dentists capacity of their offices, however, it is often very congested. "We are trying to expand the volume of dental services and we are looking for new professionals. In addition, in the future we want in place to establish a comprehensive center dental hygiene, including dental hygiene clinic, "says information about health care in Bílovec Deputy Mayor Han Burianová. 

Rychvald: Senior Day

The first edition of the event "Senior Day" took place on Saturday 22 August at the cultural house in Rychvald. The day was full of fun, interesting lectures and lessons. One way is education, which is for the elderly becomes a means for seeking ways and means to explore the possibility of the benefits of daily life.

Petrovický Magazine No.20 on the program TV station LTV PLUS every day at 11:40, 17:40, 23:40, 5:40

Petrovický Magazine No.20 - premiere Saturday, 5 September 2015. Petrovický magazine is broadcast on regional television station LTV PLUS (channel 59) every day at 11:40, 17:40, 23:40, 5:40

Baška: unconventional vessels competition - Baškohrátky 2015 - 9. ročník

On Saturday, August 15 on the banks of the dam Baska, which has been revitalized in recent years, gathered on 3,000 enthusiasts and lovers of unusual craft.

Lhotka (pod Ondřejníkem): 21st year - Sculpture ethnographic festival

The village Lhotka under Ondřejníkem revived on Saturday, August 22 folklore festival called sculpture ethnographic festival. A small village which has about 500 inhabitants and during the festival will include more than 400 thousand spectators and performers.