Bílovec: Renovated bridge on the street U Splavu

In Bílovec will be opened reconstructed bridge U Splavu After three months will be on Wednesday 4th November at Bílovec opened bridge U Splavu. Its renovation, which was launched on August 17, affected the lives of about six hundred citizens Shooting location, which is situated at the river Bílovka. Extensive action was completed with very positive results: as scheduled and expenses in the amount of 2 million instead of the projected 2.5 million.

"Citizens residing in Shooting deserve thanks for their patience and tolerance," says Mayor of Pavel Mrva. "Especially families living right next alternative communication, which allow connection to this part of the city with its surroundings during the summer drought faced with higher dust. Even though citizens more difficulties respected because of their friendliness we could deal with petty comments operatively. A large part of the work done by town police and the Department of the Environment, which was on that site during the reconstruction increasingly cared for. " Miroslav Kratochvil, who lives in Shooting four decades, notes that the bridge after repairs have called for years. "The reconstruction we were informed in advance, because we could this year to prepare," returns to the beginning of reconstruction and notes that the most difficult of the whole event was run alternate path. "But so it goes. When something is new does it must be for some time to bite the bullet. But the new bridge as it certainly was, "he adds. Thanks to extensive reconstruction performed by buildings and statics with the initial capacity of the bridge has increased from 6.5 to 22 tons. The new bridge on one field with a reinforced concrete slab bridge now has a length of 9 m bridge, the length of the supporting structure is 9.4 meters, width of 5.44 meters free and the bridge height above ground level reaches 3.14 meters. On the opening of the bridge follows other major construction projects in the metropolitan area - November 5 there will begin demolition of the building on the site. "Instead of the planned 2 million of such actions will be implemented at a cost of 1.5 million lower," says the mayor, adding that after the demolition of dilapidated buildings resulting in two plots for the construction of new houses. "At Christmas, so that citizens will have not only a new location bridge, but also to get rid of the object, which maintained the appearance of the residential part of the city has long been distort, "concludes Paul Mrva.