Petrovice near Karvina: Raising the wreckage of a Soviet fighter plane

In cooperation with the voluntary firemen of defects and the Club of Friends Suchdol n. Odrou is already before work began on a still unexplained case of an accident Soviet aircraft in the local district Fault near the railway line Bohumín - Petrovice u Karvina.

On Saturday 19th September, the machine excavated in the wooded terrain to uncover the secrets of WW2. Thanks forested terrain while podmáčenému, include a preparation to lift the wreckage of the most challenging. The most interesting and most valuable finding was the hub of the propeller blades and parts of the gun M4. After highlighting all the fragments will follow cleaning, preserving and found things will be exposed to the air museum exhibition in the township Suchdol nad Odra. On the whole event made the Museum Friends Club participated Suchdol Oder, village Petrovice u Karvina, Czech Republic Police, earthworks David Konďolka from Karvina and other helpful people.