Petrovice near Karvina: 0. ročník noční hasičské soutěže

Saturday evening, Sept. 12 belonged in Petrovice near Karvina - Introduces fire sport. Competition between the volunteer fire brigade started at nine o'clock in the evening.

Zero this year, finally participated in a total of 9 teams, two teams and one women's team from družebního Corps OSP Golkovice of Godów. Each attack was preceded by an honest preparation of all components as a result decided by hundredths of a second. The task of each team in the shortest time to hit two electronic targets. It is not easy to convince many competitors. Unlucky day had Rychvaldská team. Results churches were balanced, but can win only one team. Bohumín old finished second and third Šunychl. Conversely, dissatisfied with his performance were domestic. They occupied fifth and sixth place.