Bílovec aims to promote employment

Although the unemployment rate in the Bílovec currently represents only 5.3 percent (in 2003 it was 17.91 per cent), management Bílovce looking for other ways to boost employment and business development.

            "On the administrative district Bílovec is approximately 12,000 economically active population, of whom 95 percent are in permanent employment. Almost half of them have to commute, while 38 percent have jobs in Ostrava, "said Sylva Kováčiková, Deputy Mayor Bílovce, data provided by the team of the village of Slatina, which was a processor strategy in the framework of System support inter-municipal cooperation in 2014-2015." That is why in August the City Council praised the report on the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship in Bílovec and in the administrative district of municipalities with extended powers. It includes several strategic points. Among other things we want to do everything possible to create conditions for the retention of graduates in the region. In connection with this plan, for example, we organized a two-day student workshop, which was in October attended by nearly sixty students of the Technical University of Ostrava and the University of Ostrava, along with five university professors. Their task was to prepare a study on the effective use of four of selected urban areas. In addition to obtaining courageous and unencumbered solutions from the perspective of students, we conceived this event as an opportunity to draw attention to interesting cities and aims to establish cooperation with capable young people who would have been possible in the future to offer a job. "

            Bílovec wants to create shortly also sheltered workshops for the unemployed, with limited opportunities for employment and unemployment continue to be involved in community service. "This form of active employment policy practice had a long and very has proven itself," says Deputy Mayor, adding that the city in this direction works closely with the Office works in Bílovec and companies SLUMBI. "Alone Municipal office in Bílovec employs publicly prospěných works from Earlier this year, a monthly average of 16 workers whose salaries paid by the state. I must say that so far have done a great job in urban forests, cleans the streets of the city, in the community center, at the office, at school, help with construction work, "says Sylva Kováčiková that in this regard is linking two main objectives Bílovce development: promoting employment and entrepreneurship with an effort to build a clean and picturesque town near the industrial Ostrava.

            The chosen strategy of promoting employment and entrepreneurship rests by Deputy Mayor also using financial incentives under the new funding period as well as in regular cooperation with employers, which the city would like to help with long-term shortage of skilled labor, to troubleshoot transport employees with the operation of kindergartens and care centers which should adapt working hours to the needs of working parents. "And do not forget the area for business - focus on brownfields and abandoned buildings, for which we are looking for meaningful use. One of them is a long abandoned, dilapidated house in the city center opposite the theater Joy and basic art schools. The city decided to buy it in September this year and became part of one of the sites investigated at the workshop students. They suggested that was used for the needs of the art school, because it lacks space for teaching visual field and other fields. The proposal we liked and will be further developed, "says Sylva Kováčiková.