Paskov: discussion on the exhibition "Models of wooden churches, chapels and -they"

On Tuesday 27 October, in the hall of the chateau tavern in Paskov held a discussion on the exhibition "Models of wooden churches, chapels and -they Těšínska and northeastern Moravia," The city Paskov is organized in cooperation with the voluntary union of municipalities' Region Silesian Gate ". The discussion was attended by Jan Bližňák and two co-authors Rosa Romana and Miroslav coots, initiated by Mayor of Peter Badura.

Petrovice u Karvine: Water - a project day at school Petrovice

Water - It was a major theme of the project, which was held Tuesday, October 27 at Petrovice elementary school. Within the Natural example, children explore the ecosystem petrovických ponds. Pupils in the morning exploring the properties of precious liquid and made various chemical experiments. The physical properties of water have focused in physics. Interest of the children was great.

Petrovice u Karvine: Autumn meeting petrovických seniors

Pensioners' Club steamed in Petrovice near Karvina to clubs with a long tradition. Facilities This club provides facilities TJ Lokomotiva Petrovice u Karviné- Fault. In the social hall with seniors meet 2 times a year, in spring and autumn. This year it fell on Friday, October 23. The club was founded in 1973 and at the turn of the millennium had about 125 members. In addition to these meetings, organized by the club for its members as well as regular sightseeing tours. This year, the White Water, where they visited waffle and Spa Jesenik. Another meeting is scheduled for next spring.

Kozlovice: Welcoming občánků

On Friday, October 23, the parents and closest relatives gathered in the auditorium of the municipal office together to welcome the new borne citizens into the ranks of the population Kozlovic. It was the second welcoming citizen this year. Meanwhile, the children were solemnly pohoupány in municipal crib, he played and sang a local children's choir Valasek the little man. After signing the memorial book Kozlovic, they got the parents from the village of little practical gift for your little ones. This event is always full of love, tenderness and joy. And even this time was no different. New občánkům Kozlovic we wish good health, happiness and success in life love.

Nature Trail Beskydy heaven

On Friday 13 November at 10.00 held the grand opening of the nature trail Beskydské Heaven - Living in the trees. The trail is 1800 m long and includes silhouettes of birds of prey exhibition under the umbrella of the amphitheater stage, a wooden footbridge over the gorge of the River wolfdog with exposure to life in the trees and the other six stops throughout the site fevers. Thanks to the project has managed to either rebuild or restore places of interest to Horečky, which is once again becoming attractive relaxing location. The content of educational paths involving experts from the Administration of Protected Landscape Area Beskydy Rescue Station and Environmental Education Centre in Bartošovice and Museum Novojičínska. For Zvoničky Guardian Beskyd newly created "Barefoot Path", has undergone renovations Marenčin fountain and memorial Břetislava Bartos. After a nature trail installed a total of 8 major information boards familiarizing visitors with both history and current events to the fever. 6 more panels located on the wooden walkway behind the amphitheater as part of the exhibition "Life in the trees." Project nature trails Beskydské Heaven - Living in the trees has been funded with support from the grant program ROP MS, the city budget Frenstat pod and Reconstruction Fund rushes into which contributes next to the city by the municipality Trojanovice. "Probably the most attractive part of the whole nature trail is 85 m long aerial walkway, a horseshoe-shaped and ends directly behind the stage amphitheater. This 1.8 m wide walkway is located 6 stops where people are familiar with the life of inhabitants of the treetops. Another very interesting point that practically form a whole with a wooden footbridge, the amphitheater roof. Under the roof will be done by hanging silhouettes of predatory birds including the majestic golden eagle. Now amphitheater roof gave its name to the whole educational path "Beskydské heaven," said the author of the project plan Marian Žárský. Nature Trail Beskydské heaven will be open year-round except for a footbridge over the gorge of the River wolfdog with exposure to life in the trees. It will operate seasonally from April to late October. The sneak preview will be exceptionally from Friday, November 13 to Sunday, November 15 opened to the public this part. The main operation of the entire trail Beskydské heaven will be launched in the spring of 2016 shares, "Dawn Chorus", which on 2 April 2016.

How to tackle long-term unemployment?

How to tackle long-term unemployment? Community development can be a good alternative to traditional solutions

Poor transport links, depopulation, the disintegration of large agricultural and industrial enterprises - these are all factors that lead to employment problems. Their consequences must deal with everyday residents of smaller towns and villages remote from regional centers. How to improve the situation? The answer is looking for Project Work habits.
The project, which aims to boost employment in small towns and rural areas, have joined forces experts of various sectors. Architects, Geobotanica, anthropologists and historians started off in a few selected regions of the Czech Republic in cooperation with local authorities searched for what could be improved in that area. How could such. Could develop entrepreneurship, community life and tourism so because new jobs were created. The results of their research have developed ideas for products and services, which would be in this or that place might be interested.

The next step is then involved in the project had specific participants from among the local population - the unemployed and career counselors. More than nineteen hundred people passed through motivational counseling and possibly by training positions tipped by experts from the team. The result? Dozens of newly created jobs and hundreds of recommendations, which in future could rise further. "The potential is hidden in local people, the landscape and the historical heritage of the village. We reveal this potential and help exploit. Now the use of local resources, we see the future and the sufficiency of sites and individuals, "says Miroslav Prochazka, director of the Fund of continuing education (FDV), an organization that covers and implements the project.

As key to the smooth running of the project showed the role of counselor, who was accompanied by among other clients for a job interview. One of the symptoms of long-term unemployment is weakening social and communication skills, and hence the need for job seekers to support the changes, which it wants to achieve. The first visible results were not long to wait, and some participants in the project and through professional counseling managed to embark on a new "community" positions.

Jesenicko example, with the help of researchers and consultants involved in the project Work habits managed to build a successful family business the production and sale of rose-hip wine. Anthropologist from the project here ran into a client who has long been registered in the job, at home while rosehip dedicated to the production of wine from fruit, which he himself collected.

From interviews with local showed that people often demanded products which they know exactly where they came from - a client, then, after consultation with a specialist left his product certified as "Jesenice original product." Thanks to the project, working habits found that the Labour Office of the Czech Republic he may provide a subsidy to the emergence of a new job. Now, together with a partner to successfully operate a small family business and it is clear that in the future, at each start-up entrepreneur earns even without subsidies.

Recommendations and research results to individual locations (Karlovy Vary region, South Moravia, Zlin region, Vysocina Region and Olomouc region) summarized research reports are available on the project website

Petrovice u Karvine: Demolition of dilapidated houses centenarians

More than 55 years centennial dilapidated houses and a barn under Petrovice church that were in disrepair and dangerous to its surroundings have gone beyond using heavy equipment to the ground. Owners of the object but so far could not be contacted. Representatives for this demolition emerged from the municipal budget funding of $ 2 million. The village also has future plans as a loose plot for these houses.

Řepiště: Autumn singing

On Saturday 3rd October at řepišťském church of St. Michael the Archangel took place the second edition of the event dedicated to lovers of choral singing called Autumn singing.

Vratimov: Traditional exhibition of fruits and vegetables

For more than 40 years vratimovští gardeners maintain the tradition of exhibitions of fruit and vegetables in the local House of gardeners. It was the same year on October 3 to 5 in which the growers, but also the citizens have the opportunity to boast of their cultivars.

Bílovec aims to promote employment

Although the unemployment rate in the Bílovec currently represents only 5.3 percent (in 2003 it was 17.91 per cent), management Bílovce looking for other ways to boost employment and business development.

            "On the administrative district Bílovec is approximately 12,000 economically active population, of whom 95 percent are in permanent employment. Almost half of them have to commute, while 38 percent have jobs in Ostrava, "said Sylva Kováčiková, Deputy Mayor Bílovce, data provided by the team of the village of Slatina, which was a processor strategy in the framework of System support inter-municipal cooperation in 2014-2015." That is why in August the City Council praised the report on the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship in Bílovec and in the administrative district of municipalities with extended powers. It includes several strategic points. Among other things we want to do everything possible to create conditions for the retention of graduates in the region. In connection with this plan, for example, we organized a two-day student workshop, which was in October attended by nearly sixty students of the Technical University of Ostrava and the University of Ostrava, along with five university professors. Their task was to prepare a study on the effective use of four of selected urban areas. In addition to obtaining courageous and unencumbered solutions from the perspective of students, we conceived this event as an opportunity to draw attention to interesting cities and aims to establish cooperation with capable young people who would have been possible in the future to offer a job. "

            Bílovec wants to create shortly also sheltered workshops for the unemployed, with limited opportunities for employment and unemployment continue to be involved in community service. "This form of active employment policy practice had a long and very has proven itself," says Deputy Mayor, adding that the city in this direction works closely with the Office works in Bílovec and companies SLUMBI. "Alone Municipal office in Bílovec employs publicly prospěných works from Earlier this year, a monthly average of 16 workers whose salaries paid by the state. I must say that so far have done a great job in urban forests, cleans the streets of the city, in the community center, at the office, at school, help with construction work, "says Sylva Kováčiková that in this regard is linking two main objectives Bílovce development: promoting employment and entrepreneurship with an effort to build a clean and picturesque town near the industrial Ostrava.

            The chosen strategy of promoting employment and entrepreneurship rests by Deputy Mayor also using financial incentives under the new funding period as well as in regular cooperation with employers, which the city would like to help with long-term shortage of skilled labor, to troubleshoot transport employees with the operation of kindergartens and care centers which should adapt working hours to the needs of working parents. "And do not forget the area for business - focus on brownfields and abandoned buildings, for which we are looking for meaningful use. One of them is a long abandoned, dilapidated house in the city center opposite the theater Joy and basic art schools. The city decided to buy it in September this year and became part of one of the sites investigated at the workshop students. They suggested that was used for the needs of the art school, because it lacks space for teaching visual field and other fields. The proposal we liked and will be further developed, "says Sylva Kováčiková.

Horní Suchá: day jubilees

Since 1998, the world reminds 1 October International Day of Older. On this date, municipalities organize social events just for those born earlier and Horni Sucha is no exception. This year's meeting of seniors was held on October 13 in the auditorium of the workers' house. On this occasion, as every year, they were valued long-time married couples who celebrated 50, 55 and 60 years of life together. 8 gold, 5 and 4 diamond emerald steam took over from the hands of Deputy Mayor congratulations and appreciation for her years of love and tolerance.

A common move to the goal, that is the philosophy of Destination Management tourist area Beskydy Mountains

Around half a million crowns earmarked for the promotion of the tourist area Beskydy Mountains and several current projects supporting the development of tourism, such as the results of a year's work of the Fund of tourism in the tourist area of ​​Beskydy-Wallachia, at whose birth was Destination Management tourist area Beskydy-Wallachia.

"The establishment of the fund led us to try to increase the interest of tourists Beskydy and intent of cities and municipalities together to influence the marketing activities in the locality. Its share in it had also delay adoption of the Law on Tourism and the termination of support from the Regional Operational Programme Moravia. Communal and targeted promotion of the tourist area was, and obviously it is necessary, "emphasizes the philosophy of common thrust on goal Monika Konvičná, Director Destination Management tourist area Beskydy-Wallachia (DM). He adds that the fund, which is separate and distinct part of the budget DM collects funds be used to promote tourist area Beskydy-Wallachia and co-financing tourism projects.

In September 2015, the five founding members - Frenstat pod, Trojanovicím, New Jicin Frydek-Mistek and Koprivnice - also joined by Hukvaldy, which, according to Deputy Mayor Ivana Hrčková want, together with other partners to create exciting and quality products that will attract visitors not only from Czech Republic but also from abroad. "Large Visitor potential Hukvald is accentuated mainly due to the significant-born composer Leos Janacek," says Ivana Hrčková, which expects that the fund will primarily reflect on the creation of competitive products, tourism and the form of promotional materials, aimed to encourage the interest of visitors Beskydy a longer stay.

"The fund is open to anyone who wants to join forces and resources to promote tourism in the Beskid Mountains. What is important is that the contributors themselves jointly decide which projects from the invested funds will support. An important event was the investment in the implementation of the Beskydy Card, currently approved two projects, namely the project of TOP 10 targets TO Beskydy-Wallachia and project Calendar TOP cultural and sporting events in the Beskid Mountains, "says Zdenek The submitted, Mayor Frenstat pod and Chairman of the Board of the Fund , that members be paid an allowance of dependent population, the number of beds in the community and to determine the degree of attractiveness of the village. The actual amount approved by the General Meeting of the Fund, the minimum amount of the allowance is five thousand. "Contributions five founding members annually represent 470 thousand. These funds are used to promote and co-financing projects in the field of tourism. This is undoubtedly an important part of the economy - creating a considerable number of jobs and helps to maintain and even increase the economic stability of our region. It requires, however, without financial support, especially in the area of ​​promotion, advertising, or without investment in infrastructure and so on, "says Zdenek The submitted that values ​​the fact that the municipalities and the city embarked on a coordinated promotion of tourism in relation to the needs of the whole tourist area Beskydy-Wallachia. "Pooling resources is one of the most necessary and effective forms of cooperation. Above all, we believe that together with cooperating businesses, and municipalities, regional authorities, destination management and many other partners, we can increase the attractiveness of the Beskidy Mountains, and thus their attendance, about which we are concerned in particular. In Beskydy in the course of the year held a large number of events, most are promoted separately, which is costly and difficult. Therefore, it has to show that there are many opportunities to have fun and enjoy pleasant moments. Together with the Destination Management tourist area Beskydy-Wallachia, therefore we try to allow tourists more experiences that bring greater satisfaction, "says Zdenek The submitted under whose words would towns and cities greatly helped the systematic promotion of tourism at the regional level, secured legislatively, conceptually and financially by the government.

Rychvald: Fish Feast

Rychvaldská Square once again filled to the last. On Saturday, October 3, there had been a traditional fish festivals where not lack lovers of fish and good fun. Nice weather and a rich program attracted people not only from Rychvald, but also further afield. Tradition festival was founded fifteen years ago. Fish Festival is organized by the city in cooperation with the fishing Rychvald.

Petrovice u Karviné: 160 let železniční trati z Bohumína do Petrovic u Karviné

The railway line from Bohumín to Petrovic at Karviné already celebrated its one hundred sixtieth birthday. And they got a really wonderful gift - you could for her extraordinary ride by train pulled by a steam locomotive 464.202, for its color called Rosnička.

Petrovice u Karvine: Madam Colombo intervenes or where the diamond was gone

Sunday evening, Sept. 27 belonged in Petrovice near Karvina the local amateur actors who rehearsed at the premiere of the new play "Madam Colombo intervenes or where the diamond was gone," amuse the audience in the hall of the hotel building.

Petrovický Magazine No.22 to program TV channels LTV PLUS

Petrovický Magazine No.22 - premiere Saturday, 19 September 2015 Petrovický magazine is broadcast on regional television station LTV PLUS (channel 59) every day at 11:40, 17:40, 23:40, 5:40

TJ Ostrava: Grand Prix in Ostrava

In the sports complex Physical Training in Ostrava to Sunday, September 27 on the mat during the fifteenth Grand Prix in Ostrava they weigh their forces young judoka.