A common move to the goal, that is the philosophy of Destination Management tourist area Beskydy Mountains

Around half a million crowns earmarked for the promotion of the tourist area Beskydy Mountains and several current projects supporting the development of tourism, such as the results of a year's work of the Fund of tourism in the tourist area of ​​Beskydy-Wallachia, at whose birth was Destination Management tourist area Beskydy-Wallachia.

"The establishment of the fund led us to try to increase the interest of tourists Beskydy and intent of cities and municipalities together to influence the marketing activities in the locality. Its share in it had also delay adoption of the Law on Tourism and the termination of support from the Regional Operational Programme Moravia. Communal and targeted promotion of the tourist area was, and obviously it is necessary, "emphasizes the philosophy of common thrust on goal Monika Konvičná, Director Destination Management tourist area Beskydy-Wallachia (DM). He adds that the fund, which is separate and distinct part of the budget DM collects funds be used to promote tourist area Beskydy-Wallachia and co-financing tourism projects.

In September 2015, the five founding members - Frenstat pod, Trojanovicím, New Jicin Frydek-Mistek and Koprivnice - also joined by Hukvaldy, which, according to Deputy Mayor Ivana Hrčková want, together with other partners to create exciting and quality products that will attract visitors not only from Czech Republic but also from abroad. "Large Visitor potential Hukvald is accentuated mainly due to the significant-born composer Leos Janacek," says Ivana Hrčková, which expects that the fund will primarily reflect on the creation of competitive products, tourism and the form of promotional materials, aimed to encourage the interest of visitors Beskydy a longer stay.

"The fund is open to anyone who wants to join forces and resources to promote tourism in the Beskid Mountains. What is important is that the contributors themselves jointly decide which projects from the invested funds will support. An important event was the investment in the implementation of the Beskydy Card, currently approved two projects, namely the project of TOP 10 targets TO Beskydy-Wallachia and project Calendar TOP cultural and sporting events in the Beskid Mountains, "says Zdenek The submitted, Mayor Frenstat pod and Chairman of the Board of the Fund , that members be paid an allowance of dependent population, the number of beds in the community and to determine the degree of attractiveness of the village. The actual amount approved by the General Meeting of the Fund, the minimum amount of the allowance is five thousand. "Contributions five founding members annually represent 470 thousand. These funds are used to promote and co-financing projects in the field of tourism. This is undoubtedly an important part of the economy - creating a considerable number of jobs and helps to maintain and even increase the economic stability of our region. It requires, however, without financial support, especially in the area of ​​promotion, advertising, or without investment in infrastructure and so on, "says Zdenek The submitted that values ​​the fact that the municipalities and the city embarked on a coordinated promotion of tourism in relation to the needs of the whole tourist area Beskydy-Wallachia. "Pooling resources is one of the most necessary and effective forms of cooperation. Above all, we believe that together with cooperating businesses, and municipalities, regional authorities, destination management and many other partners, we can increase the attractiveness of the Beskidy Mountains, and thus their attendance, about which we are concerned in particular. In Beskydy in the course of the year held a large number of events, most are promoted separately, which is costly and difficult. Therefore, it has to show that there are many opportunities to have fun and enjoy pleasant moments. Together with the Destination Management tourist area Beskydy-Wallachia, therefore we try to allow tourists more experiences that bring greater satisfaction, "says Zdenek The submitted under whose words would towns and cities greatly helped the systematic promotion of tourism at the regional level, secured legislatively, conceptually and financially by the government.