Bílovec: Modernization home for the elderly

On Monday, June 1 was Bílovec after many years of preparation the modernization of the home for the elderly. Reconstruction of around 30 million is 90 percent financed from the Swiss-Czech cooperation, the remaining costs are borne by the city.

"The beginnings of the project, which will substantially increase the quality of services provided in the home, which was founded by the city of Bílovec, dating back to 2008. We are pleased that it managed to get to a victorious end, and construction can begin," said Deputy Mayor of Bílovce Sylva Kováčiková that at the birth of the project was already in the beginning, and adds that, under given conditions must be building completed in September next year. "Then the residents here who have been in April moved to urban nursing home, come back."

Art Nouveau villa entrepreneur Mathias Salcher, founder bíloveckého Massage, in the months go through extensive changes that will significantly contribute to increase the comfort of life of the inhabitants of this charming building. "We face not only the works, which will among other things include building insulation, extension of social facilities, canteens and creating a barrier-free area, but also the overall modernization of all the equipment home. In addition, it already has a so-called soft part of the project, which is focused on staff training. The purpose is to increase the quality of care for seniors, "continued Sylva Kováčiková.

Reconstruction of building a home for the elderly is not the only investment project implemented in Bílovec. "By the middle of June we expect the completion of two outdoor play areas for leisure activities at elementary schools and Comenius Wolkerova. It is an event worth about seven million crowns, which funds a grant from the Regional Operational Programme Silesian Region and the city budget, "talks about the development of the city's mayor Pavel Mrva and recalls that on June 1, was officially handed over to the eighth stage of the regeneration of panel housing estates concerns around Radotínské residential buildings in the street. "We are preparing well for the start of many other investment projects. I can mention for example the construction of a social center in Lubojaty, build a new bus station in Bílovec and additions to the elementary school gymnasium in Ves, a multi-purpose center for the largest local Bílovce part of the city. All the projects are directed to one. Our intention is to make people in all local areas Bílovce lived well. "

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