Nature Trail Beskydy heaven

On Friday 13 November at 10.00 held the grand opening of the nature trail Beskydské Heaven - Living in the trees. The trail is 1800 m long and includes silhouettes of birds of prey exhibition under the umbrella of the amphitheater stage, a wooden footbridge over the gorge of the River wolfdog with exposure to life in the trees and the other six stops throughout the site fevers. Thanks to the project has managed to either rebuild or restore places of interest to Horečky, which is once again becoming attractive relaxing location. The content of educational paths involving experts from the Administration of Protected Landscape Area Beskydy Rescue Station and Environmental Education Centre in Bartošovice and Museum Novojičínska. For Zvoničky Guardian Beskyd newly created "Barefoot Path", has undergone renovations Marenčin fountain and memorial Břetislava Bartos. After a nature trail installed a total of 8 major information boards familiarizing visitors with both history and current events to the fever. 6 more panels located on the wooden walkway behind the amphitheater as part of the exhibition "Life in the trees." Project nature trails Beskydské Heaven - Living in the trees has been funded with support from the grant program ROP MS, the city budget Frenstat pod and Reconstruction Fund rushes into which contributes next to the city by the municipality Trojanovice. "Probably the most attractive part of the whole nature trail is 85 m long aerial walkway, a horseshoe-shaped and ends directly behind the stage amphitheater. This 1.8 m wide walkway is located 6 stops where people are familiar with the life of inhabitants of the treetops. Another very interesting point that practically form a whole with a wooden footbridge, the amphitheater roof. Under the roof will be done by hanging silhouettes of predatory birds including the majestic golden eagle. Now amphitheater roof gave its name to the whole educational path "Beskydské heaven," said the author of the project plan Marian Žárský. Nature Trail Beskydské heaven will be open year-round except for a footbridge over the gorge of the River wolfdog with exposure to life in the trees. It will operate seasonally from April to late October. The sneak preview will be exceptionally from Friday, November 13 to Sunday, November 15 opened to the public this part. The main operation of the entire trail Beskydské heaven will be launched in the spring of 2016 shares, "Dawn Chorus", which on 2 April 2016.