Petrovice u Karviné: 160 let železniční trati z Bohumína do Petrovic u Karviné

The railway line from Bohumín to Petrovic at Karviné already celebrated its one hundred sixtieth birthday. And they got a really wonderful gift - you could for her extraordinary ride by train pulled by a steam locomotive 464.202, for its color called Rosnička.

It was built in 1956 in the locomotive Skoda Plzen, which was then called the Lenin Races. It was the last type of steam locomotive designed for Czechoslovak State Railways. And one of these locomotives was headed by special train that drove in Saturday, September 26 from Bohumíns station shortly before noon to 18 minutes later, he arrived at the border with Poland, in the village of Petrovice near Karvina. Construction of the line was not technically difficult, because it was mostly flat terrain except for crossing streams, and ground work started in early spring 1853 track was initially monorail, only in 1898, applies to doubling occurred. Custom line was put into operation on December 11, 1855. In the same year was the appearance of the station building. Station Petrovic then in 1898 became the starting point of almost eleven and a half kilometers long Karvinské local track that led to the main karvinské station. Today the station Petrovice u Karvine trains crossing station in the direction of Warsaw - Vienna. The old times spent at the track also remembered former driver and now employee of the railway museum Moravian King George. Atkey bus set off on the return journey to Bohumína. The trip became a welcome opportunity for railway enthusiasts but also families with children. Although the weather was not very favorable on Saturday, despite this exceptional event attracted many visitors.