Andrew, Michael and Michael are the winners Logic Olympics in Moravian-Silesian Region

On 6. 11. 2015 boardroom council Moravian Regional Authority in Ostrava held regional round of the 8th edition of Logical Olympiad organized by Mensa Czech Republic. In three categories competed regionally 180 most successful solvers who nomination round stand up to tough competition from 7,303 contestants from all over our region.
In category A total of over 1778 competitors from primary school won Andrew Stebel from Masaryk primary and nursery schools Czech Cieszyn. First place among 3651 pupils of primary school competing in category B have fought Michael Svatošová of Nicholas Copernicus Grammar School in Bílovec. Finally, Michael Glos Grammar School Czech Cieszyn on his way to victory in category C surpassed the 1,874 contestants from high schools of the Region. In his struggle will continue winners in the national round of 30. 11. 2015, held traditionally in the Ball Room of Prague Castle.

Regional round is realized with financial support of the Moravian-Silesian Region and the city of Ostrava. General partners Logical Olympics are The Kellner Family Foundation and OPEN GATE - high school and elementary school. Logic Olympics popularity is increasing, both in number of participants and the total number of schools that their students to participate in the Olympics motivate Logic: "This year we register over 58,000 contestants from 2,909 different schools. This means that the competition will participate in almost half of all primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic. "Says Chairman of Mensa Czech Republic Petr Mazal. "We believe this is partly due to exceptional concept Olympics centered primarily on cognitive ability, regardless of the level and quality of education acquired competitors, partly because of the easy availability of the nomination round. It takes place online, it can not therefore participate each student, either at school or at home, where there is access to the Internet. "Mazal says. "The competition aims to uncover hidden talents and nurture pupils' independent and creative thinking, and to notify the public that this type of thinking is beneficial to the whole society, and he should be given due attention."

Mensa is a nonprofit organization founded in 1946 in Oxford. Its Czech branch was established in 1991 and the Czech Republic now has over 4000 individuals with IQ among the top two per cent of the population. Mensa Czech Republic establishes Prague grammar school for gifted children, promotes the development of gifted children throughout the country, organized by logical Olympics, establishing clubs of gifted children, conducted IQ testing public, organizes summer camps, camps and other activities.