TJ Ostrava: International Volleyball Tournament in Ostrava Cup 2015

Prepare for the new year major league's volleyball became an international tournament in Ostrava Cup 2015. The lobby Physical Training in Ostrava Saturday, September 19 from 10 am introduced besides the domestic unit also teams from Prerov, and Prostejov Lodz, Poland.

And the duel with a Polish crew entered the home tournament. Cadre home newly strengthened 3 players. Petra Kojdová that came from Olomouc, Mary and Peter Jemelová Toufarová. Domestic rivals did not let even one hundred and polka beat 3: 0 Prerov immediately in the opening round came to seven-time champion extraleague from Prostejov. The match was a clear matter favored Prostejov. Although the last hundred players won Prerov Prostejov eventually won 2: 1 Sunday belonged to the semifinals and finals. The third and fourth place in Lodz fought duel with Prerov. More successful were ultimately polkas, who beat their opponents 2: 1st Girls from Prerov in the tournament not won one match and ended up on the last 4th. On Sunday, the home Ostrava did not repeat performance against Prostejov, and even won the first set and has long held a balanced performance until the third set. He was already clearly directed Prostejov and eventually win 2: 1 returned home defeat on Saturday and won the tournament.