Rychvald: city council meeting

Rychvald - 5th meeting of the City Assembly Rychvald www.TelevizeKarvinsko.cz

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Recording council meeting Runtime: 1. Serial and organizational 5 meeting ZM Rychvald 0:03:51 0:04:48 2. Check resolutions 3. Report on the work of RM 0:07:51 4. Report on the activities of FV 0:26: 56 5. Report on the activities of KV 0:28:38 6th summary report on the execution of queries from the 4th meeting of the City Assembly Rychvald, on 10 06th 2015 0:29:39 7. Principles for provision of specific investment grants from the city budget Rychvald 0:30:20 eighth free transfer - acquisition of land no 6831/1 in the cadastral Rychvald to the ownership of the city Rychvald 1:03:12 9th paid transfer of real estate - land no 5043/1 which includes Building No. 476 on the street. Orlovská in Rychvald, plot no 5043/3 and plot no 5044, all in the cadastral Rychvald ("Bakery") 1:04:46 10th announcement of the intention to transfer the land no 4066/2 in the cadastral Rychvald 1:08:42 11. The draft text of the aid to reduce the age of retirement by five years by a working group of miners who entered the mine after 31 12 1992 1:29:06 1:46:12 12. Discussion