Bílovec: Sell Beseda, or use it for the needs of citizens

Bílovce city council at its meeting to be held on September 22 will again address the future of the historic but unfortunately has long been dilapidated buildings Czech Beseda in Ostrava street. The question is: Beseda sell to a private party who has expressed interest in her, or historically valuable building, which is closely linked with the development of the Czech minority in Bílovec in the early 20th century, to keep the City and use it as a base for sports clubs TJ Spartak Bílovec and associations and organizations which are active bílovečtí citizens? 
"Last year, when TJ Spartak Bílovec initiated the idea of ​​creating a Discussions center of sports and social life of the city, received the proposal support of a number of political parties and movements, which stood as candidates in municipal elections, and to include it in its program as the family silver Bílovce, which should be preserved. Subsequently, this intention has been approved by the majority of the council in the city's development plan, "says Paul Mrva, Mayor Bílovce, that the reasons to support the idea of ​​unification of all bíloveckých of sports sections and hobby clubs under one roof, it is more than that." TJ Spartak Bílovec in the vicinity Discussions manages gymnasium and tennis courts, so that both areas interconnect, as it did in the past. The argument you're on the history and original function Czech Beseda perhaps someone may seem insignificant, but I believe that the promotion of traditions values ​​built by previous generations contributing to a sense of coherence and continuity of citizens with their city. In addition, the activities that Spartak currently operates in three different buildings in the city, centralize, which would lead to savings and streamline operations. In addition, the situation in Ostrava the street where Beseda resides in its own way nationwide unique - the city is at the moment owns key land and buildings in a street line, where on the one hand the building of Czech Beseda, gymnasium and the city's cultural center, sports complex, cemetery and grounds used volunteer firefighters and across the street from the elementary school of TG Masaryk and the school building. I think it would be a sin to disrupt this unique complex. It had threatened in 2006, when the first intention of buying Discussions related to the planned construction of a supermarket on the site. One of the reasons why the council had said did not support the project, the citizens' petitions expressing their opposition to such a step. Yes, it is always to be expected that the sale of the building is a loss of control over his future. And nobody will be able to a new owner after signing the contract prevented from making his original plan changed and decided to demolish the building needs to be ... "

That's why the city administration emphasizes that the entire process on the object Meetings were transparent and all steps thoroughly examined. The aim is to, inter alia, to avoid a situation that occurred in 2008. At that time, the council approved the sale of the building, but the candidate of his intention to resign just before signing the contract. On the basis of an offer to purchase, however, to ensure the evacuation of that building that previously functioned club and dining room elementary school. Given the failure to find a suitable buyer is not convenient use of the building, the building was unused in the coming years.

            In mid-September will be finished designing the study to define the cost of the reconstruction and operation of the facility in case of Czech Beseda implementation of the project as defined by TJ Spartak Bílovec. "This result will reflect the Commission, the public, and later also councilors who will compare both options - selling, or maintaining Meetings in favor of the city," says the mayor that if he wins a variant of maintaining the building owned Bílovce, under a development plan City steps related to the centralization of leisure activities in the building Meetings could be realized in 2016, from the city budget.