Bílovec: reconstruction of the hospital

In Bílovec being reconstructed hospital

September 9, 2015 Bílovec Bílovec Hospital is currently undergoing extensive renovations. Outside the new outer coat and insulation obtained during two years of repairs planned for the end of 2016 modernized department Aftercare comfortable rooms with new and better equipment.
"Hospitals have Bílovec since 1897, has therefore its more than a century of history, and the city is inherently," says the Mayor of Pavel Mrva, adding: "At present there except ward surgery and internal medicine as well department Aftercare with eighty beds which provides specialized services and long-term ill patients requiring follow-up treatment after serious operations. " For patients with kidney problems is in the hospital by a private company also secured a dialysis program that works for the whole catchment area.
A total renovation Bílovecká hospital is divided into several stages, which are interconnected. Last year, the hospital began to insulation. The event is funded through a grant Operational Programme Environment. The total value of the investment amounts to approximately 18.5 million crowns and hospitals involved participation of EUR 10 million. As yet there is no insulation of buildings hospitals, because this action is closely linked to another upcoming project, which is the modernization of premises for improving the quality of care for the chronically ill. Implementation of this project is supported from the Swiss-Czech cooperation and the estimated value is 53 million, of which 35 million is earmarked for construction work, the rest of the purchase of equipment, furniture and education of physicians and medical staff. This event gives the department Aftercare new comfortable double rooms with private bathroom and modern specialized care. "We currently have contracted 80 care beds, in the future we, this number would like to extend, because thanks to reconstruction obtained free spaces," says hospital director Kamil Mašík that in the coming months, there will be landscaping in the hospital and in the coming years to reconstruct the already inadequate boiler room. In addition, the hospital complex incorporated into the newly equipped physiotherapy department, which at the moment it does not meet modern conditions.
"The hospital operation takes place continuously during the construction work and requires an understanding and tolerance both medical staff and patients perceive our facilities due to the smaller size of the hospital as a family. Throughout the repair work without restrictions also ambulance, "says Kamil Mašík.
 In Bílovec the public health care personnel in a hospital, but there is also enough to ensure patient care. This is mainly centralized in the clinic, where they are concentrated specialized outpatient specialists. She has a permanent place in Bílovec and dental care at the facility in Smetana Street. Office here has five dentists capacity of their offices, however, it is often very congested. "We are trying to expand the volume of dental services and we are looking for new professionals. In addition, in the future we want in place to establish a comprehensive center dental hygiene, including dental hygiene clinic, "says information about health care in Bílovec Deputy Mayor Han Burianová.