Bílovec: Purchasing a wheelchair for eleven Vojta

Proceeds from the sale of refreshments on the hearth fair Bílovec will go towards the purchase of a wheelchair for eleven Vojta

Anyone who on Wednesday 11 November at the hearth fair held at the Silesian square Bílovec buy something good for a refreshment stand and innovative service will contribute to the purchase of a wheelchair for eleven Vojta from Bílovce pupil special school Papillon in Koprivnice, who suffers from cerebral palsy. At the booth is going to sell the city mayor Pavel Mrva, who together with colleagues and Vojta symbolic support. "The financial contribution Vojta pass on December 5 as a gift to Nicholas," says the mayor invites not only fair, but also a commemoration ceremony for the anniversary of the end of the First World War. "Do Bílovce will visit the four horsemen, but St Martin with snow between this year will not, "says the mayor. "The riders of the stables Zdenek Sevcik in Klimkovice in historical uniforms from World War escort at 17 o'clock lampionového parade participants, who will lead the church. Nicholas, where a memorial plaque bíloveckých citizens killed in World War I, when the monument to the victims of war at the town cemetery. "Ceremony Bílovec completes just traditional Martinský fair, through which visitors can have from 8 am morning evoke Christmas atmosphere. Between goods that find stalls will also be Christmas decorations and fragrances, molds for candy and toys.