Bílovec: Summer in Bílovec - investment projects underway

Summer in Bílovec is marked by a variety of investment structures. Changes relate to school playgrounds, castle, bridge and housing estate.
On Tuesday, June 30 Bílovec was completed construction of a sports ground at Komensky Elementary School. Due to € 4.6 million, which represented a 85 percent subsidy from ROP Moravia was established here three new playground for ball sports and athletics, which can benefit the public. "It is the only event associated with educational establishments. At the elementary school Wolkerova been renovated existing outdoor asphalt playground and built facilities for athletics, "says Deputy Mayor Sylva Kováčiková that the pitch was under renovation worth 3.8 million crowns fitted and new safety features. And he adds that it is definitely not a only two investment projects which lives Bílovec summer. For those already include the reconstruction started by the castle facade worth 860,000 crowns and a courtyard where costs will amount to roughly 7.6 million crowns. "Both events are conducted without compromising the operation of the lock and holidays impede visitors explore this impressive building, which has a lot to offer, "says the deputy mayor and draws attention to the recovery initiated chapel. New Martina in the yard, where the first stage implemented drainage of the land. "At this event, working with us as a partner city Bad Neustadt, which contributes to the restoration of the chapel sum of 4,000 euros. We expect that additional investment resources we could get from the Czech-German Fund of the Future. "
In July Bílovec waiting for reconstruction of the bridge in the street U Splavu. "The bridge is in very poor condition. Its reconstruction is necessary anymore because it is an important road linking fairly large site houses across the river with its surroundings, "says another of the major investment projects mayor Pavel Mrva, with the city in the case of this reconstruction allows for a cost of $ 2.6 million crowns.
At the same time Bílovec in July will enter into the ninth stage of regeneration of housing estates whose value should reach a level of 5.2 million crowns including VAT. Grants from the Ministry for Regional Development constitutes the sum of 3.6 million crowns. "This event is primarily to increase the comfort of living and adapting the site to the needs of today," says the mayor of the action, which relates district Radotín, and which will, inter alia, linking the upper and lower areas of Radotín and the construction of new parking spaces. "An additional investment EUR 4.3 million will be directed to Bravinného, ​​where it will be reconstructed cultural house and built a playground. And in the city itself Bílovce in August culminate redevelopment of the former town school library and a center for the elderly. The investment value of over 18 million crowns Bílovec gains Decent place for education and good background for the activities of our seniors, "concluded the mayor.