Petrovice u Karvine: 6th meeting of the municipal assembly

On Monday 29 June in Petrovice near Karvina held further meetings of the municipal council, this time the sixth time in this parliamentary term. The program included representatives waited 18 points program. At the beginning of the meeting familiarized the mayor council with personnel changes that occur at the municipal office in connection with the resignation of secretary of the municipal office and the reference branch managers Services of Petrovice u Karvina. Both sites were announced new tenders during July and should thus be selecting new leaders. Most of the points discussed was the approval of the final accounts of the municipality Petrovice u Karvine for 2014. Representatives also approved changes to the budget for this year, where the reduction was projected budget deficit of 656,000 crowns, due to the sale of unneeded old fire tanker závadských firefighters who spring was replaced with a brand new modern car, whose acquisition was co-financed from European funds. In this context we have also changed the budget outlook for the years 2015 - 2018. At the meeting were discussed and approved a new policy for awarding grants to nonprofit organizations from the city budget, which will apply from July this year. Change required legislation in this area. Quite extensively discussed the request of local councilors PZKO put together in the reconstruction of the restaurant at Krutkého and existing interior spaces Petrovice PZKO. Eventually it was decided to proceed as originally planned in the project work in preparing the reconstruction of the building, including the building envelope PZKO. Any interior renovations will address the council at its subsequent sessions and this will be dealt with as a single investment project The next scheduled meeting is scheduled for September 21.