Petrovice u Karvine: MMČR Motocross 2015

The roar of the engine and the smell of gasoline filled with hundreds of fans on Sunday, August 3rd Petrovice basin, which is held annually MMČR in motocross.

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Zdroj / Source: Petrovice u Karviné: MMČR Motocross 2015:

On loamy track and introduce the category MX1, MX2 and veteran class. The whole race was run on a hard track, which is due to the dust had moisten. This year's MMČR promised an interesting battle for important points in the overall standings. In the classroom veteran confirmed form MARTIN Thuja, who won both finals before the second of Henry rakes and Michal Kynčl. In the MX2 category, won for the second final heat TOMASZ WYSOCKI from Poland over MARTIN taverns and Tomas Simko. With its 86 [šestaosmdesáti] points to TOMASZ WYSOCKI ranked ongoing 9th place in the overall table. Leading man of the overall interim order Jaulin Sulivan from France, finished up sixth place. The big surprise, however, occurred in the MX1 category, where after the first final round won PETR MICHALEC before MARKEM Súkup and Martin Michek. However, his leadership during his second final heat defended and ended up as third place. The victory was so rejoiced JAROMÍR Romančík and second place MARTIN Michek. As a dramatic battle for points in the table took place in the MX2 category of women. His flawless driving defeated their opponents LUCIE Simonov before JANA Antošová and Barbara a rope. The fact that this year in Petrovice success, evidenced by record attendance, which climbed to a record 1,400 fans of motocross.

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