Petrovice u Karvine: Investment activities for the first half of 2015

Village Petrovice u Karvine place during the first half-year 2015 a number of large investment projects.

The most important was the establishment of flood warning, information and monitoring system.

After more than two years of effort to the village managed to find the State Environmental Fund compliance and implement the project.

Sensor monitors the condition of the radio are connected to the municipal radio, the building is also an integral part of the project.

SCENE residents with important information.

In addition to this, the actual state level of the river and the rain gauge track and through the city website.

The cost of the equipment amount to 9.3 million. 90% of costs are covered from the State Environmental Fund and the state budget, the rest, 10% of the cost coming from the municipal budget.

During the spring underwent reconstruction of public lighting. Old and inadequate by a new modern and in terms of operation and economical lighting. The cost of implementing this action in the amount of 4.9 million crowns, the municipality will pay over the next 5 years.

Another investment project which took place became a sports complex construction field with artificial turf athletic trojdráhy including a landing area. The resort offers its services from 1 July.

The last of this year's completed investment projects has become a steel structure covered with bleachers on the football field in the defect. The new grandstand will serve for up to 142 seated guests.

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