Horní Suchá: Minister of Industry Mládek visited the industrial zone Frantisek

During his tour of the Moravian-Silesian region, visited Friday, July 17 Also the village of Upper Dry, Industry and Trade Minister Jan Mládek. Hailed the leadership of the municipality, Mayor John Lipner

and representatives of various companies.

Town Hall Upper Dry used to revitalize the industrial area of state and European subsidies, which in 2010 received the award Brownfield year.

In 2005 the municipality took over its competence former coal mine area Francis

the state company Diamo.

The construction of new production halls and lines on the territory of the former mine František interested and foreign companies.

The heart of the entire industrial zone is a heat exchange station, which converts gas into heat and electricity.

After the visit of the industrial zone of the former mine František, traveled Industry Minister

Trade and Jan Mládek in Trinec.

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