Ropice: Festive fun - the 110th anniversary of the elementary school

Not a celebration as a celebration. But when celebrating, so flamboyant.

On Saturday, June 13 is celebrated Elementary School in Ropice, 110 years of its existence since its founding.

In 1905, as a result of the need for increased capacity built a new school building.

Only since 1910 began to work as a primary school with Polish language.

Very severe test for the development of education in Ropice World War II, which affected a few years many a generation.

During this period the school has undergone many repairs and renovations.

The whole celebration was organized by the Association of Parents and Friends of Schools along with Macierz szkolny at elementary schools and kindergartens in Ropice.

The program included singing and dancing performances, which were accompanied by scenes from history to the present school.

The celebration was associated with Children's Day, which enjoyed an afternoon full of games and entertainment.

Considerable interest children pay face painting. They then choose from a wide range of interesting drawings that they face painted by skilled hands of parents and teachers.

The biggest attraction was then the magician, which featured everyone in awe full of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The pleasant were offered refreshments including grilled specialties.

Even though the day was very warm weather, the park was completely full at the school and they were all dressed tuned.

And wish the school in future years?

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